Service Overview

JCMA provides turnkey screening testing services designed for K-12 schools. Our network of laboratories offers fast-turnaround, high-sensitivity, and low-cost pooled PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2. A two-stage specimen pooling strategy eliminates the need for follow-up testing and provides the fastest turnaround of actionable, individual results. Our streamlined testing solution means no time out of class and minimal administrative burden.

Pooled Testing

Pooled testing involves collecting samples from individuals, then combining or pooling the samples to screen for SARS-CoV-2. By preserving resources and saving time, pooled testing is an efficient, cost-effective strategy for routine screening testing.

With our solution, pooling is done at the lab, easing burden on schools. Our lab partners maintain virtually the same sensitivity as an individual PCR test when pooling samples, so that presymptomatic and asymptomatic individuals can be found within a pool.

Routine screening is efficient and effective with JCMA. Our solution affords one-time registration of participants, home collection of individual samples (without the burden of registering kits each week), and immediate reflex testing of individual samples in positive pools. We provide a single-software solution to manage the entire testing process, and support each of our clients with a dedicated program manager, custom communication materials, role-specific trainings, and live assistance during testing events.

Service Process

Our end-to-end service process involves:

  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Participant registration
  • Provision of test materials
  • Test administration
  • Analysis and reporting

Strategic and Operational Planning

Our solution offers flexibility to meet the needs of all schools. Our service process begins by collaborating with your school’s leadership team to select the testing approach that will work best for your school. With our customizable solution, you have the flexibility to select from preassigned to ad-hoc pools, identify the number and location of collection sites, and determine who will have access to results.


Participant Registration

Registration involves a simple file upload to our software, JCMWorks. The required information can typically be exported directly from your school’s student information system. With our software you have the option of uploading parent rosters as well, which enables parents to sign consent forms for their children electronically and view their results.

As individuals are registered, our software automatically generates electronic ID cards. Users can login to JCMWorks to access their registration card electronically; we optionally offer printable cardstock, card holders, and safety lanyards.

Material Distribution

Provision of Test Materials

We provide you with all materials needed for testing, including pre-packaged sample collection kits, barcode scanners, and return kits including pre-paid shipping labels. Collection kits are not preassigned to individuals so they can be efficiently distributed at school.

Your school will additionally receive a wealth of communication materials and resources to support community engagement and program participation. For example, JCMA provides comprehensive testing FAQs, a community presentation slide deck, and our Guide to Testing Participation, in addition to informed consent forms.

Test Administration

Sample Collection

Our collection kits allow for self or supervised collection of a shallow nasal (anterior nares) sample. This method is fast, painless, and approved for home collection. Kits includes a swab, tube, bag, and instructions; instructional videos and translated instructions are available on our resources page. Samples are collected at home—meaning no class time is missed—and returned to school for check-in.

Sample Check-in

At school, sample check-in involves a quick, two-scan process using a laptop running the JCMWorks software. A scan of the student’s (1) ID card and (2) barcoded sample links the two. The sample is placed in a bag with other samples to be pooled together at the lab. The check-in process takes only seconds per student.

During check-in, JCMWorks allows school staff to see which students have and have not submitted samples.

Once all samples have been checked in, package for shipment using the provided return materials and labels. JCMWorks provides real-time tracking of packages once shipped.

Test Analysis

Analysis and Reporting

When samples arrive at the lab, they are checked in using JCMWorks. This provides your school with real-time reconciliation reports, and ensures samples scanned at the school match those scanned at the lab.

Individual samples are pooled at the lab, reserving enough of each sample to conduct individual diagnostic tests on samples associated with any positive pools. Individual results are available within hours of the positive pool results, greatly reducing the need to quarantine and eliminating the need for any follow-up testing.

Pool and any diagnostic test results are available. Results are available in real-time as the lab completes analysis, typically within 24 hours of the sample collection. JCMWorks reports results to designated school and district officials and local and state health departments, and, optionally, can be configured to report results to adult participants and guardians of younger participants.